YieldMAX™ the revenue management simulation game
Can maximum business be achieved if we took business in the order it came in?
YieldMAX™ is a simple, fun and effective training tool that demonstrates to students the variances in revenue that can be achieved from the same demand base for a weekly inventory.

The simulation highlights the inventory spread is like a jigsaw puzzle and in conjunction with correct pricing, costs of acquisition and the length of stay to determine value, there are some perfect pieces to fit the puzzle.

However, in the real world bookings don’t always appear in optimal order so strategy is needed to capture the best mix.

All you need to get started is a device and internet access. No locked in contracts, cost effective and simple


“I found the game to be very interesting.  For our entry level class, it gives students an idea of opportunity cost/trade-off of each accept/decline decision.  It also can serve a foundation for higher level classes with more factors to consider, such as channel, type of customer, property type, etc.”  

Assistant Professor
Hospitality and Food Management
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences I Ball State University

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